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we are with you all the way
Dr Sally J. Rundle talking about her book publishing journey


We are your partner in delivering your message to the world whether you have a fiction or non-fiction book idea that you want to create or you need writing and editing support, we have a complete range of services.



Fiction/non-fiction​     /     Biography/Memoir   /   Structural   /    Manuscript editing     

Academic  /   Proof-reading



Content Creation      /     Freelance writing     /     Blog writing       

Journal and article writing     /     Resumes and Cover Letters     /     Speech writing


Other Services

Book Marketing    /     Presentations     /      Project Management    /     Self-publishing Services

SEO Website content creation   /   Manuscript Assessment

Revision & Proofreading
Content Creation
Structural Editing



Hi, my name is Bridget Ransome and I am a self-confessed 'word nerd!' Although I have formal university qualifications in writing; am a published poet and freelance writer and editor - my real passion is seeing people achieve their success by bringing their book into the world. Trust me - there is no better feeling than being a partner in the journey to publishing success! 



Bridget’s graceful guidance helped me bring my book into the world. She restructured my book in a way that was inspiring and engaging and took the time to understand me and my message in order to bring my words through my story. Thank you Bridget, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you!
Juliet Lever
Relaunch my Life


Sometimes we are fortunate to meet people who portray the qualities that you personally value ~ professionalism, integrity, creativity, honesty, to name just a few, and overall, just a pleasure to work alongside. Bridget Ransome is such a person. In the last year Bridget has assisted me with numerous media releases and magazine articles. She is the ideal person to connect the dots, cross your T's having assisted me express ideas clearly, with an attention to detail and has such a passion for writing. If you have the opportunity to work with Bridget ~ grab it ~ she is a worthwhile investment!
Bianca Parkyn
Animal Insights Australia


Animal Insights Australia.jpg
Bridget draws from her own writing experience, years of editing and a true love for the written word. She not only assisted with the mechanics of my writing, but created an awareness of how to put more emotion into the words and sentences that I was using within my story. To describe to readers a 'sensory' event.
                                                                                   Peter Urbanski
                                                            To Live Well is to Hide Well


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